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               DAY 1                                                       DAY 2

Scenes from Brucellosis Workshop in Ethiopia  Day 2 of the African Brucellosis Workshop in Ethiopia




Scenes from the Brucellosis Workshop January 2013, Ethiopia

<Day 1:

The workshop is off to a good start, opened by AU-IBAR, ILRI, USAID and USDA, and with good presentations on brucellosis, diagnosis and surveillance, risk assessment, epidemiology and economics. We should see a very good report from this workshop, and I hope this will help to focus on the need to control this disease in livestock in order to eliminate the threat to human health," Eileen Herrera, Deputy Director, ARS International.

Day 2:

Excellent presentations by Drs. Eric Fevre and William de Glanville on research in western Kenya.  Dr. Tujuba Jergefa Oncho, Addis Ababa University, spoke on bovine brucellosis in Ethiopia; and Dr. William Mwebembezi, Mbarar Regional Veterinary Lab spoke on antibody prevalence in breeding goats.  A breakout session on diagnostics was facilitated by Dr. Steve Hennager.



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