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The United States and Brazil are among the world leaders in agricultural production and research, with comparable capacities in each.   The countries are similar in other ways as well.   Both are large populous countries with a diversity of agroecological zones, from desert to tropical, and face similar pests and diseases.   Through networking and cooperation in research, both countries can address common goals. 

Photo: Geneticist Marcos Vinicius Silva and technician Alicia Beavers check the SNP genotyping results from an analysis of Bovine SNP50 chips. Silva, a visiting scientist from Embrapa-Brazil, uses these results to locate genes related to important traits for animal production and health.

ARS Cooperation with Brazilian institutions:
Embrapa Labex-USA:   ARS' partnership with Brazil's agricultural research agency, Embrapa, is the primary focus of collaborations.   Through this partnership, Embrapa manages a virtual laboratory in the US, known as Labex-USA, and sends senior scientists to work in ARS laboratories in collaboration with ARS scientists.  Learn more about Labex here.

Geraldo Martha, Embrapa's Labex-USA Coordinator, is located with the Office of International Research Programs at ARS Headquarters in Beltsville Maryland.  


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