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Africa Open Data Jam to Develop Open Access Application for Africa, USDA Undersecretary Woteki Inspires with Speech on Global Open Data for Ag (GODAN)

September 5, 2014. Jennifer Woodward-Greene, ARS Office of International Research Programs, attended a follow up meeting for the Africa Open Data Jam held in Washington DC August 5, 2014 during the US-Africa Leaders Summit.  At the August event, USDA Undersecretary Cathy Woteki spoke to the group on the Global Open Data for Agriculture (GODAN) Initiative, there were over 100 participants, and it was co-organized by USDA, the State Department, and IBM.  Woodward-Greene will participate with participants of both meetings in setting up an example application utilizing existing open data resources to demonstrate the value of Open Data to one African country. The project addresses the issue raised at the Africa Open Data Jam that Open Data is undervalued in some countries.  It will serve as a foundation and inspiration for further work across the continent, and is to be completed within 90 days, in time for the International Open Data Day February 22, 2015.

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