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South Korean Rural Development Administration (RDA) and ARS Approve new RDA - ARS Virtual Lab (RAVL) to Study Poultry Health

The South Korean Rural Development Administration (RDA) and ARS has approved a new RDA - ARS Virtual Lab (RAVL) agreement for Hyun Lillehoj, ARS Research Molecular Biologist, ARS Animal Parasitic Diseases Lab in Beltsville, Maryland, and her RDA counterpart, Sung Hyen Lee, Department of Korean Food Research for Globalization, National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration, South Korea for a 3 - year, $140,000 collaborative agreement to 'clarify the effects of natural resources which include Allium Hookeri on Immuno Modulation and Intestinal disease control' and 'to develop poultry feed additives which use natural resources to increase poultry health'. The agreement includes 8 Korean scientists who will travel to the US to work with Dr. Lillehoj.

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