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 Malawi CBBP 2016


Joint ARS and South Africa Agricultural Research Council (ARC) Delegation Visits Malawi Community Based Breeding Program Research Sites, February 2016

A joint ARS and Agricultural Research Council (ARC-South Africa) delegation visited two of four Feed the Future (FtF)-USDA Livestock Improvement Project Community Based Breeding Program (CBBP) sites in Lower Shire, Malawi. CBBPs develop breeding programs directly with small-holder farmers; as part of the African Goat Improvement Network (AGIN), which is a product of the ARS FtF Livestock Project- is a network of livestock, genetic, and international development and policy experts. The AGIN Model is a novel approach to sustainable livestock improvement in developing countries integrating direct input and training of farmers, extension, genetics, livestock and international development experts to build sustainable animal genetic improvement to enhance human, livestock and economic health in the community. Also attending the site visits were Ugandan and Austrian project partners, and the regional Program Manager and staff of the Shire Valley Agricultural Development Division of the Malawi Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development. More information on the FtF-USDA Livestock Improvement Project, and the AGIN can be found at

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