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 Jay Evans



Dr. Jay Evans, ARS Bee Research Lab Leader Invited Panelist for Slovenia Delegation of the European Union to the US 'Conversations in Culture Series' May 20, 2016

Slovenia proposed a 'World Bee Day' for May 20 to the United Nations, timed just ahead of the US National Pollinator Month (June) and the National Pollinator Week of June 20-26, and the US World Honey Bee Day on August 20. While the request awaited passage by the UN, the Embassy of Slovenia and the Delegation of the European Union to the United States invited Dr. Jay Evans, Research Leader at the ARS Bee Research Lab in Beltsville Maryland, to serve as a panelist for the Delegation's 'Conversations in Culture Series', a monthly series on diverse topics. The panel was held as part of the European Month of Culture, an annual festival of events that includes participation by the EU Delegation, all 28 Member States and several major US educational and cultural institutions.

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