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Brazil's Embrapa 7th Labex-USA Coordinator Since 1998 -  Dr. Geraldo Martha Inducted, November 2015

Officials from Embrapa, Brazil's sister agency to ARS, visited the week of November 9 to meet with ARS officials and discuss the Labex-USA program and future cooperation between Embrapa and ARS. The visit also formally inducted Dr. Geraldo Martha as the seventh Labex-USA Coordinator. Labex-USA has been a highly productive cooperative research program between Embrapa and ARS since 1998. It is modeled as a virtual laboratory, to connect Embrapa researchers with their ARS counterparts doing mutually beneficial research. ARS has hosted 26 long-term Embrapa researchers and dozens of shorter-term Embrapa visits. The coordinator, who monitors the program and facilitates collaborative research projects and exchanges, is physically located within the ARS Office of International Research Programs (OIRP) in Beltsville, MD. Dr. Martha is currently serving as the Coordinator for Embrapa's Strategic Intelligence System (Agropensa), and undertook his Labex Coordinator duties in December 2015. Ryan Moore, ARS-OIRP, serves as the ARS Project Lead for Labex-USA.

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