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ARS Workshop, "Emerging Animal Diseases in the Middle East Region: Potential Threats to Agriculture and Public Health," Amman Jordan, June 2016

ARS is organizing a Middle East Regional Gap Analysis workshop to be held in Amman, Jordan in July to foster relationships between participating nations, and disseminate scientific information and veterinary medical countermeasures to protect animals and people in the Middle-East. The workshop will identify knowledge gaps in five major animal diseases: Avian Influenza, Foot and Mouth Disease, Rabies, Brucellosis, and MERScov, whichthreaten animal agriculture, food security, and public health. David Suarez, Research Leader, ARS Exotic & Emerging Avian Viral Diseases Lab, Steve Olsen, Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer, National Animal Disease Center, and Luis Rodriguez, Research Leader, ARS Foreign Animal Diseases Lab, along with workshop organizers Cyril Gay, National Program Leader for Animal Health, Ibrahim Shaqir, OIRP Director, and John Shekailo,Middle East regional specialist will represent ARS. Scientists and representatives from Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt will also attend.

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