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ARS Livestock Insects Research Lab and the  Office of International Research Programs Coordinate 4-month Training for Ukraine Scientist to Fight African Swine Fever in Ukraine, May 2015

The Agricultural Research Service's (ARS) Knipling-Bushland U.S. Livestock Insects Research Laboratory (KBUSLIRL) in Kerrville, TX, and the Office of International Research Programs (OIRP) in Beltsville, MD, are coordinating a 4-month scientific visit for a Ukrainian researcher from the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine (IECVM). The researcher will collaborate with U.S. scientists and receive training on tick collection methods, tick rearing in the laboratory, tick identification, and disease transmission by ticks. The work is in support of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency-funded ARS-IECVM research project "African Swine Fever Threat Reduction through Surveillance in the Ukraine." The IECVM researcher will spend 2 months at KBUSLIRL, 1 month at Texas A&M University, and 1 month at Baylor University.

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