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South Korean Rural Development Administration (RDA) and ARS Approve new RDA - ARS Virtual Lab (RAVL) to Study Wheat Gluten and Flour

Dr. Susan Altenbach, Research Biologist, ARS Crop Improvement & Utilization Research Laboratory and Dr. Jong Yeol Lee, National Academy of Agricultural Science of the Republic of Korea (NAAS), have signed a new RDA - ARS Virtual Lab (RAVL) agreement. The project is funded for $110,000.00 for 3 years (starting 2014). The project objectives are to 1) identify low-molecular-weight glutenin subunit proteins (LMW-GS) related to wheat bread quality by using proteomic approaches to isolate the corresponding genes, 2) develop transgenic wheat lines that can be used for functional analysis of individual LMW-GS and 3) construct a quantitative high -resolution proteomic map of flour proteins from a Korean common wheat cultivar. Dr. Jong Yeol Lee, scientist from the Republic of Korea will come to work in the US laboratory for a total of 7 months over the 3 project years.

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