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What is Embrapa?
Embrapa (Empressa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecu?ria or the Brazilian Organization for Agricultural Research) is an agency of Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply charged with developing and extending technology across a broad range of program areas to achieve sustainable agricultural development in Brazil.

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What is LABEX-USA?
LABEX-USA is Embrapa's 'virtual' laboratory in the US.  Embrapa selects senior scientists from previously identified research focus areas to travel to the US for short or long term duration and conduct research in collaboration with ARS staff at host laboratories.  Embrapa funds the scientists' salaries and expenses while ARS provides office and laboratory space, equipment and supplies, as well as scientific support.

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LABEX-USA and USDA-ARS Partnership History
USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) have a substantial history of mutually beneficial collaboration.  In 1995, ARS and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Cooperation (Embrapa) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to encourage cooperation on agricultural research topics of mutual interest.  In April 1998, the virtual laboratory, LABEX-USA, was created through a specific trust agreement and has been a vital component to the collabortion between Embrapa and ARS.

- Improve agricultural research cooperation between institutions in the US and Brazil.
- Capitalize on opportunities and research trends with potential for agribusiness in both countries.

Benefits for Brazil
- Keep abreast of latest developments in agricultural research through intensified cooperation with US
- Continuous investment in research and international cooperation enhances Brazil's role as a world leader in the agribusiness field.

Benefits for USA
- Opportunities for reverse seasonal data collection in Brazil
- Collabortion on scientific areas of interest
- Germplasm exchange

Contact Info:

Dr. Geraldo B. Martha Jr., Ph.D.
Embrapa Labex-USA Coordinator
5601 Sunnyside Ave., Bldg. 4-1193
Beltsville, MD 20705-5141
Ph: +1-301-504-4556
Mobile: 240-470-5967
Fax: +1-301-504-4528  

Ryan Moore
International Affairs Specialist - Americas and Oceania
5601 Sunnyside Ave.
Beltsville, MD 20705-5141
Ph:  +1-301-504-4535
Fax:  +1-301-504-4528