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African Goat Improvement Network (AGIN) IV Workshop
Rome Italy February 22 - 24, 2016

The general purpose/objective of AGIN IV is to cover more than 'just science', and to produce a usable, publishable (journal) document out of the meeting describing the full AGIN model such that it can serve as a guide for implementation by various groups in varied regions and animal populations. Additionally, the meeting should clarify how the basic science, CBBP, IGCC, and ADAPTMap efforts synergize, and identify explicit and unique benefits seen or expected from the mix. Critically, the specific impacts to animal populations, citizens, communities, and economies - based on the fundamental changes or impacts directly on breeding programs that impact those areas - must be described. It should include how these points would be quantified and/or predicted for the paper to have the highest impact. In that vein, the information and data should be gathered and presented as a snap shot that can be retaken in 3 to 5 years and written again in a comparison to this original paper to demonstrate the difference the work made. The ultimate goal for the publication's impact is that it would engage partners, and globalize the AGIN model to serve as an incubator and expand the reach of the FtF livestock improvement project within and beyond the original target countries.


Agenda (printable)

Country Update Prompt for Speakers(PowerPoint, download)


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