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Scientists Speak
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ARS researchers collaborate with partners around the world to solve problems that affect U.S. agriculture. Here, in their own words, these scientists explain the global reach and impact of their research.

Jodi Scheffler, ARS Research Geneticist, Crop Genetics Research Unit (Stoneville, MS)

Joan Lunney, Supervisory Research Scientist, ARS Animal Parasitic Diseases Lab (Beltsville, MD)

Farai Muchadeyi, Senior Manager Research, Agriculture Research Council Biotechnology Platform (ARS collaborator in South Africa)

Patti Miller, Veterinary Medical Science Researcher at the ARS Exotic and Emerging Avian Viral Disease Research Lab (Athens GA)

Jeff Novak, ARS Research Soil Scientist, Coastal Plain Soil, Water and Plant Conservation Research Unit (Florence, SC) and Kurt Spokas, ARS Soil Scientist, Soil and Water Management Research Unit (St. Paul, MN)

Lisa Durso, ARS Research Microbiologist, Agroecosystem Management Research Unit (Lincoln, NE)

Alan Franzluebbers, ARS Plant Physiologist, Plant Science Research Unit (Raleigh, NC)

Bill Kustas, ARS Hydrologist, Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory (Beltsville, MD)

Danny Marks, ARS Hydrologist, Water Management Research Unit (Boise, ID)

Mark Tomer, ARS Soil Scientist, National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment (Ames, IA)