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Archives  1996-2008

NOTE: Videos are available in mp4 and wmv format.

Date issued  
December 6, 2017 USDA-ARS Entomologists "Turn up the Bass" on Vineyard Pests
September 26, 2017 USDA-ARS Researchers Are Controlling Mosquitoes Naturally
May 4, 2017 Work OF USDA Food Research Pioneer Continues in Peoria
April 20, 2017 Penicillin Was Pioneered in Peoria at USDA-ARS Research Lab
May 31, 2016 Experimental Trap Disrupts Citrus Pest's Love Life
April 20, 2016 Aerial Surveys Can Spot Boll Weevil Hideouts
October 2014 Freezing in Plants
June 2013 Microscopy Video Clips
June 2013 Top Scientists of 2012
June 2012 Top Scientists of 2011
June 2011 Top Scientists of 2010
January 2011 Boll Weevil video
August 2010 USDA-ARS Researchers Help Protect the Bay
March 2010 Geraniums Could Help Control Devastating Japanese Beetle
September 2009 Honey Bees Toss Out Varroa Mites
March 2009 A Cattle Herding Device
February 2009 Pressure Chamber Makes Egg Microcracks Shine