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NOTE: Videos are available in mp4 and wmv format.

2008 Top Researchers of 2007
2007 Research Thriving on the Vines
2007 Conversations from the Hall of Fame
2007 Termites Can Run But They Can't Hide 
2007 Bee Killer Hunted by Scientists (by Discovery Communications; used by permission)
2007 Colony Collapse Disorder
2007 New Alternatives for Treating Mastitis
2007 Three Decades of Oil Research
2007 2007 Awards Recognition Program
2007 Top Researchers of 2006
2006 2006 Awards Recognition Program
2006 Top Scientists of 2005
2005 The Regional Research Centers: Putting Agriculture to Use
2005 2005 Awards Recognition Program
2005 They're Distinguished and Outstanding —Two Scientists of the Year for 2004
2004 Powerful Partnerships
2003 ARS' 50th Anniversary - The Future Grows Here
2003 Attack of the Phorids

2002 USDA careers with a difference
2001 LABEX: Research cooperation with Brazil

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