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Science in Your Shopping Cart - The Podcast

Did you know that the popular Roma tomato was actually developed by ARS scientists in Beltsville, MD? Or that ARS technology has helped reduce the use of pesticides on apples and other fruits? Or that ARS researchers are turning waste after harvest into fuels and other products? Check out our new podcast series, Science in Your Shopping Cart, and learn how science touches many of the products we buy at the grocery store, from new varieties of fruits and vegetables to technological advances that make our food safer, cheaper, and tastier.


Podcast Episodes

Episode #1

Would you be surprised to find out that ARS researchers developed its own varieties of tomatoes, potatoes, and spinach? You may be cooking with one right now!

Episode #2

Check out some cool innovations and research being conducting to ensure your favoriate apples are fresh, tasty, cost-friendly, and high quality.

Episode #3

ARS scientists are researching ways to turn farm waste and other biomass into environmentally friendly products.