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Outside Press Reports
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— A recent sampling of outside press reports that relate to scientific activities at the Agricultural Research Service.

NOTE: Some websites require free registration to view or play their content.

Pairing sugary drinks with high-protein meals could cause body to store more fat
Atlanta Journal Constitution, 
July 25

Arks of the Apocalypse
New York Times 
July 13

New Food Packaging Could Kill E. Coli
Food & Wine 
July 11

Living Ancient History
Good Fruit Grower  
June 12

This USDA administrator’s leadership style?: ‘Good or bad, I’m authentic’
Washington Post  
June 6

Urban farming, ag research centered in Beltsville
The Hagstrom Report  
May 30

The Ohia: The Story of Hawaii's Tree
Hawaiian Airlines   
April 6

The Doomsday Vault: Humanity’s Salvation?
CBS Sunday Morning  
April 2

Eat Beer?
UPROXX Reports  
March 27

Copper Sulfate Kills Fungus on Fish Eggs
Southeast Ag Net  
Feburary 15

Researchers Find Spinach with Low Oxalate Levels
Lancaster Farming  
February 4

Plant geneticist Buckler awarded first NAS ag prize,
Baking Business  
January 26

ARS Researchers Develop New STEC Test
Cattle Network  
January 23

Helping Arizona wheat growers maximize resources
High Plains Journal  
January 15

You’ve Got Ants: New 10-Minute Test Kit Detects Red Imported Fire Ants
Entomology Today  
January 6

Making Spinach With Low Oxalate Levels
Perishable News  
January 3



Last Modified: 8/1/2017
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