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— A recent sampling of outside press reports that relate to scientific activities at the Agricultural Research Service.

NOTE: Some websites require free registration to view or play their content.

Study Reveals Pigs Can Transmit FMD Prior to Signs of Sickness
Lancaster Farming  
March 15

Study clarifies U.S. beef’s resource use and greenhouse gas emissions
The Fence Post  
March 11

USDA-ARS monitoring water quality using drones
High Plains Journal  
February 26

One Tiny Step for a Nematode, One Big Step Toward Sustainable Agriculture in Space  
February 22

Mosquitoes Show Resistance to Common Insecticide, USDA Study Shows
PCT Online  
Feburary 14

ARS Rolls Out New Tellus Online Communications Platform
Quality Assurance  
February 13

Agricultural Research Service releases findings on Varroa mites
High Plains Journal  
February 7

Orchards in natural habitats draw bee diversity, improve apple production
Finger Lake Times  
February 2, 2019

ARS Helps Develop New Cotton Wound Dressing
Cotton Grower  
February 1, 2019

Genome published of the small hive beetle, a major honey bee parasite  
December 20, 2018