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Plants Poisonous to Livestock in the Western States: Click here to view publication online (pdf file).

Plants Poisonous to Livestock in the Western States

by K.E. Panter, M.H. Ralphs, J.A. Pfister, D.R. Gardner, B.L. Stegelmeier, S.T. Lee, K.D. Welch, B.T. Green, T.Z. Davis, and D. Cook

This bulletin describes more than 30 of the principal poisonous plants growing on western ranges and the signs of poisoning in livestock. Suggestions are included for preventing livestock poisoning by plants. Color, 116 pages.

While supplies last, single copies of this publication can be obtained at no cost from USDA-ARS-NPA-PPRL, 1150 East 1400 North, Logan, UT 84341.

United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Information Bulletin 415


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