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Survey of Phenolic Compounds Produced in Citrus

Figure 4. Structure of flavanone, flavone, and flavonol compounds examined in this survey

Phenolics, fig. 4

Common name Structural name Ring substitution
R1 R2

Flavanone aglycones:
Naringenin 5,7,3'–trihydroxyflavanone OH H
Isosakuranetin 5,7–dihydroxy–3'–methoxyflavanone O–Me H
Eriodictyol 5,7,3',4'–tetrahydroxyflavanone OH OH
Hesperetin 5,7,4'–trihydroxy–3'–methoxyflavanone O–Me OH
3–Hydroxyflavanone aglycone:
Dihydrokaempferol 3,5,7,4'–tetrahydroxyflavanone OH H
Flavone aglycones:
Apiginin 5,7,4'–trihydroxyflavone OH H
Fortuneletin 5,7–dihydroxy–3'–methoxyflavone O–Me H
Luteolin 5,7,3',4'–tetrahydroxyflavone OH OH
Diosmetin 5,7,4'–trihydroxy–3'–methoxyflavone O–Me OH
Flavonol aglycones:
Kaempferol 3,5,7,3'–tetrahydroxyflavone OH H
Kampferide 3,5,7–trihydroxy–3'–methoxyflavone O–Me H
Quercetin 3,5,7,3',4'–pentahydroxyflavone OH OH
Chrysoeriol 3,5,7,4'–tetrahydroxy–3'–methoxyflavone O–Me OH
Isorhamnetin 3,5,7,3'–tetrahydroxy–4'–methoxyflavone OH O–Me
Diglycoside groups:
Rutinoside 6–O–alpha–l–rhamnosyl–beta–D–glucoside

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Original posting: April 1, 1999.