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Pearl Millet Diseases
Virus Diseases

Black-Streaked Dwarf Virus

Symptoms: Stunting or dwarfing occurs, particularly if plants are infected in the seedling stage. Symptoms on pearl millet are not well documented. On maize, white waxy swellings occur on veins. Foliage is dark green with chlorotic streaks, and there is splitting of leaf margins (McGee 1988).

Pathogen and disease characteristics: Belongs to the Reoviridae fijivirus group (Park et al. 1994). Isometric particles are 75-80 nm in diameter (McGee 1988). Transmission occurs persistently by planthoppers.

Host range: Pearl millet, maize, rice, finger millet, barnyardgrass, Isachne globosa, barley, wheat, barnyard millet, Digitaria sanguinalis (Choi et al. 1989a,b), rye (McGee 1988).

Geographic distribution: South Korea, Japan (on maize).

Nomenclature discrepancies:Alternative disease names: Maize streaked dwarf, rice black-streaked dwarf.

Seed transmission: Not described in the literature. Probably not transmitted by seed (B.H. Choi, personal communication, 1995).

Primary citations: As above.

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