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Pearl Millet Diseases

Fungicide Treatments for Pearl Millet Seed

The following treatments for pearl millet seed are used at ICRISAT* Center (Ahmed and Reddy 1993).

Recommended seed treatment to prevent transmission of downy mildew

  1. Soak seed for 10 min with 0.1-percent HgCl2 followed by several rinses in running water.
  2. Transfer seed to hot water bath at 55 °C for 12 min.
  3. Transfer seed to water at room temperature for a few minutes, then transfer to incubator at 35 °C for 12 hr and then at 40 °C for 1 hr.
  4. Immerse seed in suspension of 2 g metalaxyl in 800 ml of 1-percent aqueous methyl cellulose for 5 to 6 hr (sufficient for 1 kg dry pearl millet seed).
  5. Allow seed to dry. Treated seed can be sown immediately or up to 4 months after treatment.

Recommended seed treatment for other pathogens


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Original posting: June 5, 1999.