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Pearl Millet Diseases
Fungal Diseases

Drechslera Leaf Spot

Drechslera dematioidea (Bubak & Wroblewski) Subram. & Jain

Symptoms: Infection of seedlings results in 1- to 3-mm long coalescing lesions with extensive necrosis (Wilson and Hanna 1992).

Pathogen and disease characteristics: Conidia are 20-70 × 10-16 µm, straight, cylindrical to clavate, and rounded at the ends; golden brown to dark brown; and thick-walled, with 2 to 7 (commonly 3 or 4) septae.

Host range: Pearl millet, Agrostis,Anthoxanthum,Avena,Cynodon, Dactylis,Eragrostis,Festuca,Hordeum,Lolium,Paspalum,Phleum, and Triticum. Also isolated from Iris,Leucospermum,Pinus, and Pseudotsuga.

Geographic distribution: Australia, Europe, India, New Zealand, North America, South Africa.

Nomenclature discrepancies:Synonyms or similar pathogens: Helminthosporium dematioideum Bubak & Wroblewski, Helminthosporium tetramera McKinney (Yadav et al. 1975).

Seed transmission: Seedborne.

Primary citation:Sivanesan 1990b.

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United States Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Research Service

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