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Pearl Millet Diseases
Bacterial Diseases

Unnamed Bacterial Disease

Pantoea agglomerans (Ewing & Fife)

Symptoms: Straw-colored lesions with a chlorotic edge, often extending the length of the leaf. Water-soaking occurs at leaf tips and margins in seedlings.

Pathogen and disease characteristics: Bacteria are gram negative, nonfluorescent, fermentative, and rod shaped. They form yellow colonies on nutrient agar.

Host range: Pearl millet.

Geographic distribution: Zimbabwe, possibly India.

Nomenclature discrepancies: The disease may be the same as bacterial leaf streak or bacterial leaf blotch, reported as being caused by Xanthomonas pennisiti (Rajagopalan and Rangaswami 1958), Xanthomonas annamalaiensis (Rangaswami et al. 1961a), or Xanthomonas rubrisorghi (Rangaswami et al. 1961b). See bacterial leaf streak/bacterial leaf blotch in "Questionable or poorly described diseases of pearl millet reported in the literature."

Synonym:Erwinia herbicola.

Seed transmission: Not known to be transmitted by seed.

Primary citation:Frederickson et al. 1997.

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