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Fruits and Seeds of Genera in the Subfamily Faboideae (Fabaceae) is available as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files in two configurations. Configuration A is 2 large files that match the printed volumes; configuration B is 32 smaller files more appropriate to online viewing or downloading over dialup connections. Each configuration contains the entire contents of the two volumes.

Configuration A

Volume 1 (23,733 KB)

Volume 2 (18,778 KB)

Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing pdf files.

Configuration B

Introduction and sections on procedures, fruit and seed morphology, and seed keys (includes cover to vol. 1 and title page) (1,453 KB)

Swartzieae (4,758 KB)

Sophoreae (4,528 KB)

Dipteryxeae (339 KB)

Dalbergieae (1,822 KB)

Abreae (110 KB)

Amorpheae (640 KB)

Millettieae (3,810 KB)

Robinieae (1,271 KB)

Indigofereae (396 KB)

Phaseoleae (8,041 KB)

Desmodieae (includes cover to vol. 2) (2,468 KB)

Psoraleeae (864 KB)

Loteae (1,387 KB)

Aeschynomeneae (2,243 KB)

Adesmieae (121 KB)

Galegeae (2,043 KB)

Carmichaelieae (388 KB)

Hedysareae (567 KB)

Fabeae (562 KB)

Cicereae (113 KB)

Trifolieae (635 KB)

Brongniartieae (187 KB)

Bossiaeeae (820 KB)

Mirbelieae (1,771 KB)

Podalyrieae (700 KB)

Hypocalypteae (103 KB)

Crotalarieae (1,007 KB)

Euchresteae (119 KB)

Thermopsideae (583 KB)

Genisteae (1,941 KB)

Character list, literature cited, scientific name index (202 KB)