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Cover showing many food and industrial products: Click here to view publication online (pdf file).

At ARS, our research projects are relevant to technologies for:

  • Biobased products
  • Crop production
  • Food safety & health
  • Natural resources
  • Animal production
  • Others

Forming Partnerships With the Agricultural Research Service

by the ARS Office of Technology Transfer

This brochure tells how commercial firms can partner with the Agricultural Research Service to transfer the fruits of the agency's research to American farmers and consumers.

Within the federal government, ARS is a leader in transferring and marketing new technologies. The agency has formed thousands of partnerships using cooperative agreements.

The brochure describes—

  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreements
  • Other types of partnerships
  • The patent license program
  • Examples of successful partnerships

The brochure also tells how to contact our technology transfer coordinators and lists several online information resources, including our Office of Technology Transfer.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Program Aid 1706

Revised October 2005

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