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Agricultural Research Service
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Cover through table of contents (34,238 KB)

Introduction (2,512 KB)

Gambling on Science (32,623 KB)

Penicillin and the War Years (33,670 KB)

Midstream Changes and Corrections (14,047 KB)

Frozen Foods (24,352 KB)

Juice (13,059 KB)

Flavors and Aromas (16,515 KB)

Processing Fruits and Vegetables (26,426 KB)

White Potatoes (21,213 KB)

Supercritical Extraction (4,677 KB)

Waste Management (14,811 KB)

The Scientists (5,567 KB)

The Tools of Research (19,913 KB)

Technology Transfer (5,561 KB)

Naval Stores (12,352 KB)

Cotton Processing Machinery (15,682 KB)

Cotton Products: First 30 Years (32,471 KB)

Cotton Products: Last 20 Years (13,207 KB)

Wool and Mohair (32,248 KB)

Leather and Hides (44,608 KB)

Milk & Dairy Products (28,653 KB)

Whey (23,861 KB)

Sugar and Sweeteners (24,635 KB)

Dextran, Xanthan Gum, & Levan (19,629 KB)

Maple Syrup (8,316 KB)

Feeds, Forage, and Fodder (28,546 KB)

Alfalfa (20,008 KB)

Toxic Weeds (28,961 KB)

Eggs and Poultry (18,653 KB)

Meat and Meat Products (29,376 KB)

Catfish (9,255 KB)

Animal Fats (36,160 KB)

Cottonseed Oil and Meal (21,719 KB)

Soybean Oil (31,130 KB)

Vegetable Oils in Industry (29,086 KB)

New Oilseed Crops (30,590 KB)

Domestic Rubber (29,165 KB)

Food Safety (59,121 KB)

Human Health and Medicine (40,037 KB)

Fiber and Cholesterol (11,695 KB)

Wheat, Flour, and Bread (35,254 KB)

Corn (10,009 KB)

Rice (9,520 KB)

Grain Sorghum (13,430 KB)

Food for Peace (20,607 KB)

Fuels From Agriculture (11, 577 KB)

Corn and Wheat Starch (54,878 KB)

Proteins in Milk, Grains, and Oilseeds (53,448 KB)

Peanuts (10,875 KB)

U.S. Crops in Asian Foods (17,584 KB)

Microorganisms (25,104 KB)

Crop Pest Control (40,992 KB)

Computers for Research (21,401 KB)

Basic Research (36,513 KB)

Cotton Research Today...and Tomorrow (17,093 KB)

Focus on the Future (46,597 KB)

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