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Pebble-textured orange cover, silhouettes, on background of recycling symbol, of (clockwise from top), pig, farm, chicken, city, cow, and factory: Click here to view publication online.

Agricultural Uses of Municipal, Animal, and Industrial Byproducts

Robert J. Wright, W.D. Kemper, P.D. Millner, J.F. Power, and R.F. Korcak, eds.

Outlines an expanded role for agriculture as a recycler of manure and other byproducts discarded by our cities, farms, and industries. Potentially valuable byproducts are wasted every day by disposal in landfills when they could be effectively used in agriculture. This technical book examines current and potential agricultural uses for these byproducts. Black and white, 135 pp.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Conservation Research Report 44

January 1998

This publication is now out of print. You may be able to obtain a copy through interlibrary loan, and copies are available for a fee in various formats (photocopy, microfiche, etc.) from the National Technical Information Service (click here).

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