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female scientistWho Am I?male scientist

 Click on Dr.Watts on the Sci4Kids home page and read the descriptions of what scientists do under Want To Be a Scientist? Then match the scientists at the left with their job descriptions to the right.
_____   Biologist


studies diseases of plants
_____ Nutritionist


studies the breeding and raising of livestock
_____ Chemist


studies water and its properties
_____ Plant pathologist


specializes in growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamentals
_____ Agronomist 


uses a microscope to explore things up close
_____ Animal scientist


studies living things, like plants, animals, and microorganisms
_____   Horticulturist


studies roundworms
_____ Plant geneticist


studies the basis of physical substances
_____ Engineer


studies crops and soils and how they interact
_____   Nematologist


works with plant genes to develop certain traits
_____   Hydrologist


studies what humans need to eat to live, grow, and stay healthy
_____ Microscopist 


designs new, better, and more useful structures, machines, and other equipment
What kind of scientist would you like to be? Tell about the types of discoveries you would make. Read more of the stories in Sci4Kids to learn about the exciting discoveries made by scientists in USDA's Agricultural Research Service.
 Click Here: Who Am I Quiz.pdf