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Hot Links for Teachers...Cool Sites for Kids

Busy teachers don't have time to surf for the cool sites, right? Well, here are some great ag-related sites identified for both you and your students.

A Science Fair Project Resource Guide—Internet Public Library, University of Michigan

Africanized Honey Bees on the Move: Lesson Plans—University of Arizona

Ag Research magazine—Agricultural Research Service

Agriculture in the Classroom—U.S. Department of Agriculture

Agriculture Network Information Center—National Agricultural Library and Land Grant Universities

Ag-tivities for Soil-minded Citizens—Agricultural Research Service

AIPL Kid's Corner—Agricultural Research Service

America's Largest Classroom on Agriculture—Agriculture Council of America

ARS Image Gallery—Agricultural Research Service

Breeds of Livestock—Oklahoma State University

Educating Young People About Water—University of Wisconsin

Education: Science Fairs—Best of the Web Directory   

Electronic Zoo—Washington University

Entomology for Kids and Teachers—University of Kentucky Entomology Department

EPA Student Center—Environmental Protection Agency

Food, Land & People—Agricultural Education Organization

Food Safety and Nutrition Information—International Food Information Council Foundation

Genetic Science Learning Center—University of Utah

Great Plant Escape—University of Illinois Extension

Kid's Ag Page—Illinois Department of Agriculture

Educational Resources for Children, Parents and Teachers —National Agricultural Library

Natural Inquirer—USDA Forest Service

Planet Ag—Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Science Club—Non-profit Educational Corporation—Federal Government Agencies

Science News—Society for Science & the Public

Science in Your Shopping Cart—Agricultural Research Service

USDA For Kids—U.S. Department of Agriculture

WinterSown Educational Resources—WinterSown Educational


Note:Though we have reviewed these sites for general suitability, we haven't investigated every nook and cranny, nor validated every fact. Accuracy and completeness of information is the responsibility of individual site owners. Also, links to these sites should not be taken as an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Agriculture over similar sites, publications, products, and services not included.

If you have any difficulties with these links or have concerns about them for any reason, please let us know. Please also tell us about any additional sites we might want to include!

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