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 animated chicken

Going Coo Coo

Get real!A scientist messin' around with chicken feathers?And actually making toy boats with them? You bet--and his work is making an important contribution to agricultural science!

Zoooom in on the Coo Coo story (under the animal section of Sci4Kids) to see how. Read carefully to score big on the following questions. Some have more than one answer.


 How many feathers are produced by the poultry industry each year?

 animated number 1 moving up and down

(A) 2 billion tons
(B) enough to fill the Titanic
(C) enough to fill more than a billion pillowcases
(D) enough to fill a football field, 2 feet deep
(E) only the chickens know for sure


What do most farmers do with feathers?

 animated number 2 moving up and down

(A) throw them away
(B) make canoes
(C) stuff pillows with them
(D) grind them up and include in animal feed
(E) insulate their barns


The keratin fiber in feathers ...

 animated number 3 moving up and down

(A) is stronger than plant cellulose
(B) breaks down in landfills much faster than plastic
(C) causes allergic reactions in chicks
(D) also makes up your fingernails and toenails
(E) is a natural protein


Name three products made in Dr. Schmidt's research.

_______________ _______________ _______________



 animated number 5 moving up and down

(A) play with toy boats
(B) stuff pillows with chicken feathers
(C) study matter and its properties
(D) design microscopes
(E) often help solve practical problems in the real world


In just a few words, the main point of this story is

 animated number 6 moving up and down

(A) valuable uses can be made of agricultural leftovers
(B) science is fun
(C) poultry is an important industry
(D) chickens are cool
(E) feathers cause headaches


Dr. Schmidt's research focuses on ways to benefit the environment--like keeping mountains of feathers out of landfills. What are some ways YOU can help keep the environment healthy?

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