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Going Coo Cooanimated chicken(Answer Key)




 A & D


A, B, D, E


air filters for buildings and cars, cloth, paper plant pots, dyed paper, insulation, auto dashboards and door panels, diapers


 C & E




Use this question to introduce a unit on making environmentally aware decisions. Discuss the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) 4 R's--

  • Reduce the amount of trash discarded.
  • Reuse containers and products.
  • Recycle, use recycled materials, and compost.
  • Respond to the solid-waste dilemma by reconsidering waste-producing activities and by expressing preferences for less waste.

 Here are two EPA web site resources you will find helpful:

You may also wish to discuss food recovery and gleaning-programs that collect excess wholesome food for delivery to hungry people. See

Learning More...

Other potentially valuable byproducts include:

  • manures from livestock
  • coal ash from power plants
  • bark and sludge from the paper industry
  • waste from the textile industry
  • bark and sawdust from the wood industry
  • rock dust from stone-crushing operations
  • municipal garbage
  • grass clippings and leaves
  • crab shells
  • wallboard and wood scraps from construction sites
  • concrete manufacturing residues

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