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Like Fast Food? Here Are Some Smart Choices For You!

If you’ve ever wondered what fast foods are good for you, as well as good to eat, Jason Mendoza has some answers for you. He’s a medical doctor and a nutrition researcher. He helps kids stay healthy, have fun, and make really smart food choices so they won’t gain more weight than they need to.

Jason says your best bet is probably a deli-style sandwich such as turkey or ham, a non-fried veggie (instead of french fries) as a side, and low-fat milk as your beverage (instead of a sugary soda). He and other nutrition researchers came up with these suggestions after studying foods offered in combo meals at fast-food restaurants in and around Houston, Texas.

Jason works in Houston at the Agricultural Research Service’s Children’s Nutrition Research Center. So the next time you are at a fast-food restaurant, keep Jason’s ideas in mind, and enjoy your meal!

By Marcia Wood, Agricultural Research Service, Information Staff.

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Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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