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  From ''farm to fork'' (and even fuel), ARS research touches our lives in many ways. Learn about some of them by visiting the links under the categories below. You might be surprised.
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Most Recent Story:
Know Your Roots!


Creature Feature
Trapping Weevils and Saving Monarchs
Fighting Crop Pests...With Tape!?
When Bugs Go Out To Eat
Helpful Roundworms Rescue Citrus From Evil Weevil
Build-A-Mite Construction Site
A Cotton Pickin' Mystery: Where Did These Weevils Come From?
Can the Stem Borer Help Conquer the Green Invader?
Growing This Fish In Big Tanks Is A Big Challenge!
The Pretty Colors of Big, Busy Bumble Bees
Bug Smuggling Can Mean Big Trouble
Bug Detectives Root Around Soil at Night
Digesting Grass is a Gas for Cattle
What Lurks Inside...Protozoa?
A New Glue...From Inside Cow Bellies
A Really Ugly Fish Makes a Really Tasty Treat
Parasites: Packing Up, Moving On
This Bug Doesn't Bite...But It Can Stink Up Your House!
Finding Three ''Most Wanted'' Ladybugs
No One Wants To Wear This Yellowjacket
Two, Four, Six, Eight...Let's Go Pollinate!
Fungus + Foam = Dead Termites
Wasps Keeping Watch
New Grain Sorter is Music to the Ear!
Ticked Off! The Truth About Ticks
Thanks, Granddad!
Some Bees Clean Up Well--Without Soap
Look Out, You Flying Bugs The Killer Fly Is On The Loose!
Bug Gut Analysis: What's Eating You?

Plants: Good Eats and More
Making Brown Chips Disappear
Scientists Use Plants To Recruit Tiny, Pest-Fighting Wasps
Battling Blood-Thirsty Ticks...With Grapefruit!?
No Pests on These Products
A Garden Vegetable With Halloween Spirit
A "Bio-Bandage" for Banged-Up Potatoes
''Pass Those Peas''
A Less Painful Peanut for Kids with Allergies
A Peck of Pretty Peppers
Jumping Genes and the Color of Grapes
With Apples, All Roads Lead to Central Asia
Weird Sunflowers, Wonderful New Traits
Trees Take to the Streets
A Tree Grows in Danvers
American Elms
Budding Pecan Tree Growers Can Learn About Native American Crop
Stoopid Plant Trick #1

What in the World?
Do You See What I See?
What in the World Could That Be?

Nutrition & Health
Tastes Like Chicken
Insect-o-graph Is On The Job
Like Fast Food? Here Are Some Healthy Choices For You
Keeping Your Eggs a Flash
Too Much Fast Food Spells "Fat Food!"
Watermelon Just Got Better
Spitting in the Name of Science
A Less Painful Peanut for Kids with Allergies
Here Come Those Runaway Carbs

Protecting Our Planet
Ain't Nothin' Like Lichen!
Science in a Cemetery
Trying to Control a Bug that Kills Trees
Vinegar...More Than Just a Salad Dressing?
Not In My Spoon!
Climate Change to Plants: Ready, Set...Grow!
Washing Clothes...With Corn!?
Milkweed: From Floss to Fun in the Sun
There's Magic in Manure!
How's the Air Out There on the Farm?
Powerful Plants Meet Tough Tanks

Ag-citing Discoveries
A New Glue...from Inside Cow Bellies
Thirsty Flakes Pressed into Action To Dry Soggy Books
Trap Grease
Lady Liberty Gets an Oil Change
Going Coo Coo for Chicken Feathers

Science at Work
The Great Pepper Experiment
I Am an Inventor
Fun Careers in a Small Town
Science in Your Shopping Cart

Brain Games
2006 Amazing Ag Quiz

How Low Can They Go?
How's the Air Out There on the Farm?

Geraniums Could Help Control Devastating Japanese Beetle (2010)
Honey Bees Toss Out Varroa Mites (2009)
Termites Run But They Can't Hide (2007)
Healthful Benefits of Cinnamon Extracts (2004)
Attack of the Phorids (2003)
Nailing a Snail To Protect Catfish (2002)
Rescuing Chocolate (1999)
... and more at the ARS News and Events Video Archive page.


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