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Photo: From top: peony, clematis and mountain laurel are three of about 100 crops in the black vine weevil diet. Photos courtesy of the U.S. National Arboretum. Different kinds of weevils eat different kinds of things. For example, young black vine weevils (called larvae) enjoy eating roots––which is a big problem in nurseries.

Some insects are picky eaters, but black vine weevils will eat the roots of lots of different nursery crops. They especially like yew, hemlock and rhododendron. They'll also eat begonia, lilac, peony and strawberry plants.

Adult black vine weevils prefer to eat leaves, and they leave ugly marks on the plants. But the larvae are even worse.

Larvae of black vine weevils and other root-eating insects eat the roots of important nursery plants, and the plants die before nurseries can sell them to gardeners.

Photo: An adult black vine weevil.

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