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Can you guess what kind of bugs made these sounds?

Do you think it's hard to figure out what kind of insect has infested a crop or food package? Put your ears to the test and guess what kind of bugs you are listening to, and what they are doing.

If you have headphones or speakers for your computer, you can hear every sound. It will take a few seconds to download the sound files, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Just click on a button to start. Try all five.

button to the first insect soundbutton to the second insect soundbutton to the third insect soundbutton to the fourth insect soundbutton to the fifth, and last, insect sound

These sounds are from Dr. Mankin's sound library. For more insect sounds not provided in this Sci4Kids story, click here to visit his website. Then, click on the "Sounds" link below the flying butterfly.

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Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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