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  5   The PrettyColorsof Big, Busy Bumble Bees

       Some Things You Can Do ...

Look very carefully at the bumble bees on the card belowGraphic of identification card showing a segmented bee diagram. How many different shapes can you find on the heads of the bumble bees?Find two bumble bees that you think look very much alike. Then find two things about them that make them different from each other.The next time you see a bumble bee that is visiting a flower, watch it work.Do not get too close to it, because a bumble bee can sting (ouch!). Look at the colors and shapes on the bumble bee. See if you can make a little diagram or picture of what the bumble bee looks like.

Graphic of identification card showing 11 Bombus bee species.
 Photo of a Bombus bifarius bee upside down on a flower.
    Click diagrams and photo for larger view