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Want to be a scientist? Careers for new scientists span a variety of disciplines in agriculture. Becoming a scientist requires intelligence, creativity, and a strong desire to learn new things!

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Soil Scientist Plant Ecologist Plant Pathologist Plant Geneticist Nutritionist Nematologist Microscopist Microbiologist Plant Physiologist Hydrologist Horticulturist Food Scientist Entomologist Animal Scientist Botany Chemist Graphic of 19 Coolest Scientific Careers

Photo of an agronomist checking a type of grass. Photo of animal scientist standing next to a dairy cow. Photo of fish biologists standing next to an oxygen tank and pond. Photo of a botanist standing with other scientists in tall grass. Photo of a chemist looking at a beaker of bacteria enzymes. A photo of a hydrologist studying a computer screen of a grassland. Photo of a plant physiologist comparing the root systems of two, green bean plants. Button graphic that links to games and bonuses. Photo of a horticulturist studying greenhouse-grown strawberries. Photo for a nutritionist, who wants to make sure you eat healthy foods, like the fruit, cereal, and milk shown here. Photo of a soil scientist collecting carbon from pasture soils. Photo of a plant ecologist examining a type of weed called yellow starthistle. Photo of a food scientist studying rice information on a computer screen. Photo of an entomologist peering into a cup containing tiny wasps. Photo of a microscopist sitting next to a high-powered microscope that uses beams of electrons to produce magnified images. Photo for nematologist, a scientist who studies tiny roundworms, called nematodes--shown here. Photo of a plant geneticist and other scientists standing among wheat bred for resistance to disease. Photo of a plant geneticist and other scientists standing among wheat bred for resistance to disease. A microbiologist examines the roots of a plant that cleans polluted soils. Photo of a chemical engineer and a piece of equipment called a fermentor.