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Science Fair Project

Hypothesis Research Question Procedure Results Conclusion

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What picture comes to your mind when you think of agriculture? Do you see some guy in overalls plowing the dirt with an old tractor, or women picking corn in a field? Maybe what you should picture is a scientist using a satellite-linked computer program to examine global climate changes, or a researcher developing a new product that can absorb 1,600 times its own weight in water.

Agriculture today is high-tech. It has to be because keeping U.S. agriculture productive requires research that is every bit as complex as the space program. As a matter of fact, many agricultural research scientists work with NASA on a regular basis. They use satellites to examine fields for crop damage, to map soil conditions, and to look for changes in the environment that could affect or be caused by farming.

While agriculture itself isn't one of the official science fair project categories, keeping agriculture working so we always have food to eat and renewable resources for everything from clothing to biofuel requires knowledge and research that fits into all of the categories.

So don't let an old picture of agriculture like overalls and dirt make you think that agriculture isn't a science.

When your teacher asks you to come up with a science project for class or as part of a science fair, think agriculture!

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