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 Image Number K2627-14

Caption for September 2014 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Weather-Tracking Tool Helps Track Migrating Insects." Corn earworm larvae can cause great damage to cotton and corn crops. Using the NEXRAD weather monitoring system, ARS scientists have found a way to more accurately track corn earworm moths as they migrate at night. This knowledge can help farmers determine when to treat for the pest.

Caption for August 2011 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Seeking Saponins and Other Compounds To Fortify Crops." Corn earworm, Helicoverpa zea.

Caption for April 2010 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Better Guidance for Battling Corn Earworm." Corn earworm on an ear of corn.

Caption for June 1997 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Maysin—A Natural Insecticide from Corn Silk." A natural insecticide in the silk of some corn lines will deter earworms in the future if ARS scientists succeed in transferring genes that control the production of maysin.


Photo by Jack Dykinga.

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