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Image Number D2231-1

Caption for September 2012 Agricultural Research magazine article, "ARS and the Regional Biomass Research Centers." Geneticist Ken Vogel (background) and technician Steven Masterson examine near-infrared reflectance spectral profiles of switchgrass samples. Vogel worked with a team of ARS scientists to develop the first near-infrared sensing method for measuring 20 switchgrass components—including cell wall sugars, soluble sugars, and lignin—which can be used to determine the potential yield of cellulosic ethanol from switchgrass biofeedstock.

Caption for August 2011 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Predicting Switchgrass Ethanol Yields." Biological technician Steven Masterson (left) and geneticist Ken Vogel examine the near-infrared reflectance spectral profiles of switchgrass samples collected from switchgrass bales. The near-infrared sensing calibration equations developed for determining switchgrass composition and ethanol conversion are being used to determine the effects of switchgrass bale storage conditions on ethanol conversion. Masterson is holding a sample ring with the ground switchgrass sample.


Photo by Stephen Ausmus.

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