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Image Number K7406-3

Caption for May/June 2012 Agricultural Research magazine article, "150 Years of Making History: USDA's 150th Anniversary, May 15, 2012." ARS’s germplasm collections preserve more than just plants and animals for future generations. Here, microbiologist Cletus Kurtzman retrieves yeasts stored at an extremely cold temperature (in liquid nitrogen) in the ARS Culture Collection.

Caption for January 2010 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Marvelous Microbe Collections Accelerate Discoveries To Protect People, Plants—and More!" Microbiologist Cletus Kurtzman retrieves yeasts from the ARS Culture Collection.

Caption for December 1996 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Yeast Collection on the Rise." Yeasts retrieved from the deep freeze by microbiologist Cletus Kurtzman will be used to develop molecular probes for rapid identification of different strains.


Photo by Keith Weller.

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