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Image Number K7087-19

Caption for May/June 2012 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Genetics and Bermudagrass: It's Not Easy Being Uniformly Green." After establishment, a new putting green usually starts off having a uniform appearance if it’s free of weeds. But mutations in a bermudagrass green, in time, can cause off-types of bermudagrass to appear. A new genetic tool developed by ARS geneticist Karen Harris-Shultz can now distinguish the mutants from the desired grass.

Caption for August 1997 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Less Fire, More Science for Grass Growers." Over half of the world's cool-season grass seed—some 500 million pounds—is produced in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Turf in parks and golf courses is an important market for this seed.


Photo by Jack Dykinga.

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