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Image Number K3627-16

Caption for May/June 2012 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Strategies That Work: Alternatives to Antibiotics in Animal Health." Food supplements, probiotics, and phytonutrients have been shown to help fight some poultry diseases.

Caption for May 2000 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Getting to the Heart of Chicken Ailments." Baby chicks are being bred for resistance to ascites, a fatal disease resulting in heart failure in chickens.

Caption for May 1997 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Heterophils to the Rescue!" They're the Royal Canadian Mounties of the immune system-the heroes who show up in the nick of time-and they take on all bacterial invaders, be they salmonella, listeria, pasteurella, or E. coli. They're infection-fighting white blood cells called heterophils, and poultry immunologist Michael Kogut has found a way to make them do his bidding to protect young poultry.


Photo by Keith Weller.

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