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 Image Number K10813-1

Caption for August 2014 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Rooting Out the Best in Apple Rootstocks." Commercial apple trees are usually produced by grafting a scion onto a rootstock. The scion determines the apple variety, and the rootstock determines tree size, disease resistance, and more. Here, a section of the rootstock’s trunk is chipped out where the scion will be attached to it.

Caption for November 2003 Agricultural Research magazine article, "Short Apple Trees, Faster and Healthier." Grafting is used to propagate a scion variety like Gala or Delicious onto a rootstock. Here a chip bud from Delicious is being joined to the Geneva 3041 rootstock. In 2 years, this tiny bud will develop into a trunk and branches while the rootstock will have mostly disappeared underground.


Photo by Peggy Greb.

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