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FOIA Service Center

The FOIA Service Center is the first place FOIA requesters can contact to check on the status of their FOIA request and to inquire about the agency's response. Any concerns a requester has about the service received from the Service Center should be addressed to the FOIA Public Liaisons.

  • FOIA Requester Service Center:
    Telephone 301-504-1743
  • FOIA Public Liaisons:
    Stasia Hutchison and Monica Williams
    Telephone 301-504-1743
    The email address for the FOIA Service Center or FOIA Public Liaisons is

We Welcome Your Feedback:

The REE FOIA Office is committed to processing FOIA requests in a timely and efficient manner. To provide comments on your experience as well as suggestions for improvements, please submit an email to the REE FOIA Officers -

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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