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Chocolate Expedition Yields Sweet Rewards

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News Story: Cacao Collection Expedition May Yield Weapons for Combating Witches' Broom Disease

Video Podcast: Peruvian Cacao Collection
 (2 minutes 24 seconds)   |   Transcript


Background Story Links:

Sequencing of Cacao Genome Will Help U.S. Chocolate Industry, Subsistence Farmers in Tropical Regions

Genetic Roots of Cacao Trees Traced

The Matrix—Plant and Fungal

Fungal Threats to Cocoa Share an Ancient History


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filmstip Gourmet vegan chocolates. ARS scientist extracts a sample from a wild cacao tree Cacao beans in pod. Researchers examine cacao leaves infected with witches' broom. A Peruvian village Scientist examines microscopic structures of fungi collected in Peru.

Food engineer pours fish gelatin solution into a pan for drying. Food microbiologist places a frozen catfish fillet into a device for surface decontamination by pulse UV treatment. Scientists demonstrate a technique where channel catfish are immersed in water containing the modified live Streptococcusiniae vaccine. Researchers load lipid samples extracted from tissue for analysis of fatty acids. Fish nutritionist examines flax oil that will be infused into pellets for rainbow trout feed. Researchers study the effect of smoking temperature on survival of Listeria monocytogenes.