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National Program 107: Human Nutrition
Action Plans
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Goal: National Program (NP) 107, Human Nutrition, will improve the nutrition and health of the American people by enhancing the quality of the American diet and improving health through research.

Hallmark aspects of NP 107 research include an emphasis on food-based approaches to improving health, the capacity of six, internationally-recognized Human Nutrition Research Centers with the core capability for long-term, multi-disciplinary, translational research in high priority areas to improve the Nation's health and the availability of premier scientists, state-of-the-science equipment and facilities for human research across the lifecycle. Unique national resources that are part of NP 107 include the National Nutrient Data Laboratory, the Food Surveys Research Group that conducts the What We Eat in America portion of NHANES, and a laboratory that develops and improves methods for food analysis. Partnerships with other federal, non-profit, and industry groups allow ARS to leverage funds and build upon common research goals.


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