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PMP Version 7.0 - Portuguese Language Version - Overview
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Note: To run this program in Portuguese, the computer must be operating in Portuguese mode. Please follow these steps to select the Portuguese language mode for your computer.

    1. Click [Start Menu], and then click [Control Panel].
    2. Your control panel will either be in classical view mode (where you will see a long list with many small icons) or Category view mode (which will say pick a category at the top, and have fewer options) If your control panel is in "Classical" view mode, select the "Regional and Language Options" If your computer is in "Category" view mode, select "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options" and on the new screen select "Regional and Language Options" at the bottom right.
    3. On the "Regional Options" tab, choose "Portuguese (Brazil)" in the first list box.
    4. On the "Advanced" tab, choose "Portuguese (Brazil)" in the first list box. Your will need to restart your computer for the changes to manifest.
        • Credit to Translators

        • This predictive microbiology application was designed as a research and instructional tool for estimating the effects of multiple variables on the growth, inactivation or survival of food borne pathogens.

        • Most of the models are based on extensive experimental data of microbial behavior in liquid microbiological media.

        • There can be no guarantee that predicted values will match those that would occur in any specific food system.  Before  they can be used in such a manner, the models should be validated by the user for each specific food of interest.

        • Questions concering the downloading, application and interpretation of the Pathogen Modeling Program should be directed to:


        Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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