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PMP FAQs - Using PMP Models for HACCP Plan Development
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1.  Can I use the PMP to validate HACCP plans?

The PMP models are only valid for the conditions used to produce the model. The reference(s) found in the "Source and/or Related Publications" window presents an explanation for the methodologies used to produce the model. Therefore, if the conditions (e.g., food formulation) used to produce the PMP model do not match your food system, then you must validate the model for your specific application. Validation normally involves laboratory studies where your product is inoculated with a specific bacteria and then you record the levels of growth or inactivation. These data can then be compared to the PMP model predictions to see if they are within the predicted 95% confidence intervals. If they do not match, then the PMP model is not valid for your application. In this case, assuming sufficient experimental data have been collected, your data may be used to develop a new model that it would be valid for your food product.

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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