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PMP FAQs - Printing/References
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1. How can I print the form, the table or the chart?

In version 7.0, to print the chart (graph), place your mouse over the graph, right-click, and select "Print".  To print the table, place you mouse over the table, right-click, select "Select All", then right-click again and select "Print Selected". To print only specific portions of the table, highlight the cells that you want to print, then right-click and select "Print Selected".

To print the entire PMP form, in the Menubar select "File" then "Print" then "Form".  NOTE - this will not print portions of the table or source/publication windows that are not visible.  To print all of the table or publication information, highlight the numbers/text with your mouse, then hold the CTRL key and press the C key. You can then paste this text into any other document which accepts pasted text, such as Microsoft Word?, NotePad, Correl WordPerfect?, etc.  Print the pasted text from the other program you are using.

2. Where can I find references for the PMP models?

The reference(s) or source for each model, is shown in the "Source and/or Relevant Publications" box. For references in which the senior author(s) is a USDA-ARS employee, we provide the PDF file. For articles with other types of authorship, the reference is not provided as a PDF file, due to journal copyright restrictions. NOTE - There may be multiple references for a model. Typically this is because different environmental parameters were modeled at different periods of time.

Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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